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Comprehensive Eye Exams & More in Pittsburgh, PA

Our eye care center offers a full range of eye health services to clients of all ages, from children to older adults: routine eye exams and vision tests, eye disease diagnosis and management, immediate attention for eye emergencies, and complete eye health management. The optometrists in our practice provide eyewear prescriptions and offer corrective laser eye surgery co-management as well. You can get in touch with our Pittsburgh office to set up an appointment at your convenience and learn more about some of our key services below.

Our Pittsburgh Eye Care Services:

  • eye chart caucasian womanMany eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms, making a yearly comprehensive eye exam the optimal way to maintain a lifetime of healthy eyes. Primary eye care includes a comprehensive vision and eye health examination. This examination is designed to evaluate the health of the eye and diagnose vision impairments and disease.
  • lasik copy20/20 Vision Care uses state-of-the-art diagnostics to aid in the detection and management of many ocular conditions. Dr. Rudavsky and Dr. Shirley work closely with other physicians in the area to also manage systemic conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.
  • child vision img2At 20/20 Vision Care we stress the importance of early vision care to support your child’s highest potential. Your child’s vision, well-being, and happiness are very important to us. At 20/20 Vision Care, we enjoy working with children and are passionate about providing children with the care that they deserve.  Your first step toward healthy vision for your child is a comprehensive vision exam.
  • Emergency eye care picOur eye doctors have the latest technology and lots of experience with eye infections, scratched eye, something stuck in your eye, painful or stinging eyes and many other types of eye infections.
  • laptop with eyeDigital eye strain, eye fatigue and computer vision syndrome (CVS) are conditions that result from extended exposure to digital screens.
  • Sport soccer ball bkground medSports eyewear can give you the performance edge you're seeking for just about any sport (tennis, racquetball, etc.) or recreational activity (hunting, fishing, etc.).
  • woman wiping her eyes with a tissueDry eye syndrome (DES) is a chronic condition that develops when your eyes do not produce and maintain enough tears to keep the eye’s surface lubricated.
  • Female optician examining senior womans eye with binocular indi Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to your eye's optic nerve and gets worse over time, so nipping it in the bud will always be better for the person being tested.
  • female eye closeup digitalWe use the most up-to-date technology to ensure the best eye care possible. Learn about the different types of tests and equipment you may experience on a visit to our Practice.
  • Thumbnail EyeDiseaseEye conditions can range from mild to severe. While some are chronic, others may resolve on their own. Here's a short list of common eye conditions we treat, such as astigmatism, dry eye syndrome and presbyopia.
  • We diagnose and manage ocular diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy and Cataracts.

Our state-of-the-art office is now located at 531 Greenfield Ave!